What is a pad for random orbital sander?
It is a backing tool for abrasives to be mounted on pneumatic or electric sanders and it is usually made up by three sections: a plastic one, a rubber one and a specific surface for abrasive disc fixing by Velcro® or self-adhesive system.

FUSION backing pad
On the occasion of the new Millennium, Abrex- System revolutionized  sanding and dust suction system by the ideation of Twister backing pad.
In the year 2014, thanks to the 30 years’ experience gained in this field, we designed and manufactured the new FUSION pad.

This new revolutionary tool combines both the features of our Winner and Twister pads.
In detail:
> Its edge is thin in order to reduce vibrations to a minimum and to allow certain processes in difficult positions.
>The total weight is 130gr, that is the one which is recommended by all manufacturers of sanding machines in order to get the perfect balance without any vibration during sanding.
> Dust extraction is direct, through the 42 through holes, while the remaining 55 holes convey dust into special channels in the plastic plate.
As a consequence, suction results to be strong and uniformly distributed over the entire surface of the tool
Thanks to this, together with an appropriate Velcro system, the end user will be able to use any kind of abrasive disc, without any waste of time for hole matching and getting always optimal dust extraction.
The hole design concentrates a large number of holes in the central part of the tool, since this is the position where the first clogging problems happen due to the fact that the peripheral speed is almost nothing.
Extraordinary performance with net, multi hole and standard hole pattern discs.
> Sizes available Ø150mm and Ø125mm.



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