rotantiWhat is a Pad for Rotary Machines?

It is a tool assembled on pneumatic or electrical sanders that rotates clockwise.
It generally consists of a plastic support, an intermediate part in neoprene rubber and a special surface for attachment of the abrasive disc (e.g. self-stick or Velcro®system).

They are produced in 6 different diameters: Ø73 mm, Ø113 mm, Ø123 mm, Ø147 mm, Ø178 mm and Ø197 mm with two different threads: M14 and 5/8”.They are normally used for sanding with abrasive discs, as supports for resin buffers and Merinos wool hoods for polishing.platorelli rotanti

They are used in the industrial bodywork, automobile bodywork, railway carriage bodywork, nautical, metal and wood-working, marble-working and the general masonry fields.The Ø197 mm model is used for dust extraction and is produced with 8 or 24 holes +1 central hole.

The latter is highly interesting on account of outstanding suction with consequent extension of abrasion efficiency thanks to rational distribution of the holes over the entire surface area of the disc.It is, more specifically, used with ROUGH, MEDIUM AND FINE grain to machine railway, nautical, coach and refrigerator truck bodywork. They are also used for final sanding of teak bridges on boats.All the pads in this range can be produced with rubber of different hardness ratings for specific applications.

Materials and Personalisation:

> High quality plastic materials are used for these products; colours can be personalised at the customer’s request according to quantity.

> It is also possible to personalise by printing company logos and make personalised



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