What is a Pad for a Rotary orbital sander?

It’s a support for abradants which is mounted onto the pneumatic or electric orbital sander and is generally composed of a part in plastic, a part in rubber and a specially designed surface for the attachment of the abrasive disc using a self-stick or Velcro® system.

Winner Back up Pads
The Winner pad, invented and renowned for almost twenty years, is the most tested product in the entire Abrex-System range and also one of the most highly appreciated given its technology and universal applications at an extremely competitive market price.
It is used in a wide spectrum of sectors such as that of car bodyshops, wood processing and the nautical industry.
Winner pads are available in various sizes from a minimum of 30 mm used for «spot repair» up to 200 mm in diameter also produced with a special perforated surface which brings out the dust suction characteristics and which is used for the sanding of large surfaces.
In this presentation one may  appreciate the customisation and the universal nature of the product which can be used with all standard discs and with all orbital sanders currently on sale.
The Winner pad has been designed and produced in the Abrex-System S.r.l. machine shops using the best materials, able to give the final product the right requisites for vibration-free sanding.

This tool also falls within the recommended weight parameters of the most import orbital sander manufacturers.


> High quality plastics, chosen according to their specific characteristics of weight, stability and mechanical resistance. Possibility of customising the product in various colours.


> As well as the colour, customising may also take the form of applying labels showing pictograms, that is the obligatory safety measures to be adopted during sanding, the maximum speed the tool may be used at and any company logos.Creation of customised boxes.


> Adaptors and screws are also provided to enable attachment to all types of currently available sanders.Version with universal threading: with burnished 5/16” UNF screw and washers.

platorelli winner

FESTO® version: with galvanised M8 screw and adaptor.


> Medium hard for sanding with medium and coarse grains. Soft for sanding with fine grains. Attachment systems of the abrasive disc: > Velcro® system (standard production)

> Self-stick system (on request) 


> Soft interfaces. With the simple addition of a soft interface the back up pad can be easily transformed for sanding with fine grain.

It’s an immediate and economical solution.

Available in 2 thicknesses 10 and 5 mm.

Attachment systems of the abrasive disc:

> Velcro® system (standard production)
> Self-stick system (on request)

Perforations: see the attached below


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