What is a Sanding Block?


tamponiIt’s a tool for using sandpaper manually and is generally composed of a plastic part and a surface for attaching the sandpaper to by means of a self-stick or Velcro® system.Can be predisposed for dust suction.Hand sanding blocks have been part of the Abrex-System range for many years. In the course of time design and functional needs have led to many changes, developing these products into the current 5-model range.The special ergonomic, rubber grip and exclusive design are the most striking features but when in use one can also appreciate the extreme functionality, perfect planarity and dust suction system achieved thanks to the internal structure of the block. These blocks can be provided with a series of accessories such as: the 4m tube with conical attachment for connection to the suction system, the air flow valve and a rubber connector to use the range of blocks with Ø 29mm tubes too.

This presentation offers the chance to appreciate the many possibilities of customisation using the vast range of colours available and customers’ logos printed onto the plastic, making it the most popular product in the bodywork, wood and nautical sectors.


Materials and Customisation:

> For these products high-quality, plastic materials are used with colours which can be customised according to the customer’s preferences depending on quantities.

> It’s also possible to print company logos onto the plastic and even produce personalised boxes.

> Abrex-System’s technical department is willing to discuss the possibilities of creating special hole configurations.

Attachment systems of the Abrasive:

> Velcro® system (standard production)

> Self-stick system (on request)


> The soft interfaces (used for finishing), the flexible 4m tube, the air-flow valve and the connector Ø 29 mm for Ø 29 mm tubes complete the range.



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